Destiny Deacon

Destiny Deacon

Deacon is one of the most famous and controversial contemporary Aboriginal artists. She's interested in photography and video. I was shocked when I seriously understand and percept her projects. She's valiant and heated. Some of Deacon's  pictures satirise majesty. At first, I don't really understand what the meaning of her images and dioramas of dolls is. I think aboriginal arts and culture is profound and complicated. For the invastion of the Western colonists, few aboriginal artists can be so bold to voice their true opinions in their art works, but she did it. In my opinion, for a state and national recognition, are spiritual and artistic recognition and commitment to the arts in this pioneering role. Deacon's art works draws the viewer into encounters that both delight and unsettle that is an eloquent story.  I admired her spunk. As I read in the last article, the informality of Deacon's work and the sometimes raucous performances enacted for it ensure that it is never prescriptive, never too obvious. Although frequently acerbic, it is volatile, dynamic, humane and generous.

Destiny Deacon, Adoption (1993/2000),
Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney

Over the Fence 2000
from the series Sad & Bad
light jet print from Polaroid original
80 ◊ 100cm
Edition of 15
Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney.

Destiny Deacon,
Oz Games—Under the spell of the tall poppies 1998/2003

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